Revealed: Why vitamin K is the anti-ageing supplement you NEED to take and the 6 signs you're not getting enough

You’ve heard of vitamins A, B, C, D and E. But further down the alphabet is a lesser known nutrient that rarely gets a mention, yet is essential for health – vitamin K

Spa Awards 2018 Best Cosmeceutical Facial: PPP - CALECIM® Anti - Aging System

Much has been said about the potential of stem cells in skincare. Stem cells found in our body are responsible for its renewal and regeneration. As such, the idea of unlimited skin renewal can be infinitely appealing to consumers concerned with skin rejuvenation.

Why is 3D SCL better than other Lipo treatments?

Many ask themselves why 3D SCL is considered the best fat reduction treatment in the UK at the moment. It is perceived by some that a normal liposuction surgery yields better results. However, this is far from the truth, as 3D SCL is not only effective but it is a long-term solution rather than a “quick fix” to excess fat and overweightness.

Dermalux LED Phototherapy FAQs

Everyone can benefit from LED Phototherapy. It reverses the signs if ageing, clears acne and blemishes and accelerates healing. It helps damaged, injured or diseased skin cells return to optimum health.

Paper Masks VS Bio Cellulose Masks

Facial masks have always been a favorite of most of the Asians and are now gaining increasing popularity in beauty regimens across the globe. According to many, these facial masks are extremely convenient to use and one of the quickest ways to restore radiance to dull, tired skin.