Beauty tips to look your best at every age


While we are all taught beauty and health tips from a young age, it's important to evolve our routines to adapt to ageing skin.

Whether it's changing make up products or a diet improvement, there are many things women can do to ensure they look their best at any age.

Here, Sydney-based advanced dermal therapist from Faceplus Medispa, Erin Holohan, has shared with FEMAIL how women should be caring for their skin during each age bracket.


While it may sound simple, drinking a lot of water is crucial in your 20s - especially water that has added probiotics or collagen in it for optimum skin health.

Ms Holohan also recommends women of this age spend their extra money on correcting any skin concerns they may have and steering clear of smoking.

'I can tell immediately if a woman smokes - their skin is grey,' she said.

Women in their 20s should also be taking lukewarm showers over hot showers as the heat from hot showers dries out the hair and skin.

'Try washing your hair less frequently to preserve the oils as well,' she added.

Other tips include not drinking from a straw (it gives you wrinkles), taking care to moisturise the hands and neck and using oil based make up.

Top beauty tips at 20

  • Don't over pluck your brows 
  • Quit smoking 
  • Take lukewarm showers
  • Don't neglect your neck and hands 
  • Don't drink from a straw
  • Take preventative measures and make a point of book facials a minimum of every three months 
  • Use eye cream daily


According to Ms Holohan, water even more important once women reach their 30s.

'When girls start to see fine lines they often turn to botox and they are sometimes doing this far too soon,' she explained.

'It's important that beforehand you have your skincare regime perfected and that you are hydrated enough -  moisture loss can lead to wrinkles and that can be corrected without procedures.'

Healthy eating at this age is also 'more important than ever'.

'Women at this age should be eating well and exercising a lot as it helps skincare products absorb better and keeps the blood flowing,' Ms Holohan said.

'Dark circles can also be caused by a poor diet so a healthy diet and improved sleep can help to banish this issue.

She also recommends women in their 30s cut down on sugar and coffee, use eye creams with peptides in them and do regular cleanses.

Top beauty tips at 30

  • Step up sunscreen use
  • Wash make up brushes regularly
  • Use leave in conditioner as the hair starts to malt more
  • Eat healthily -  your body will begin to reach its toxicity limit and cannot process toxins as well as it used to
  • Sleep more to prevent a dull complexion and dark circles
  • Don't pick at your skin or touch it throughout the day


By 40, women are urged to take great care with their grooming and what make up they choose.

'Things start to show around the eyes at this age so eyebrow waxing/tattooing and lash tints can be great for manicuring the eyes and helping them to look their best,' Ms Holohan said.

'Liquid foundation is also a must as matte make up can dehydrate the skin and accentuate fine lines.'

The beauty guru also encourages women in their 40s to cut out smoking and alcohol - but the occasional red wine is okay.

'The skin can't take a lot of units of alcohol at this age and the skin holds on to black heads and dead skin if you smoke,' she said.

'Red wine can be good for you but obviously not whole bottles of it.'

Ms Holohan also recommends taking vitamin A to help with cell turnover and investing in a good serum to keep the skin looking bright and hydrated.

'Exercise is also important as it gets oxygen to the skin and pumps blood through it giving you that lovely glow,' she said.

Top beauty tips at 40 

  • Invest in high quality products
  • Invest in high quality make up 
  • Quit smoking and sugar as they draw precious minerals from the body and deteriorate skin health 
  • Exercise daily and keep those aches and pains at bay
  • Keep an eye on your teeth


Women in their 50s and up should be applying really good moisturisers and putting lip balm on under lipstick to stop it looking dry and drawing attention to fine lines around the mouth. 

They are also encouraged to try teeth whitening as yellowing teeth at this age can show their age.

'How you apply moisturiser also changes,' Ms Holohan said.

'You should be applying it in circular motions to pump moisture to the skin whereas when you are younger you should be pressing it in softly so as not to cause damage.'

Top beauty tips at 50+

  • Look into getting your brows feather tattooed 
  • Look into lash extensions 
  • Opt for liquid foundations and don't use powder 
  • Use gel bronzer to warm your appearance
  • Put lip balm on before lipstick 
  • Keep teeth nice and white 
  • Treat yourself to a manicure and select a deeper shade, your hands will appear more youthful.

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